Emergency Solutions was founded in 2011, to respond to health needs in emergency situations, both civil and military.

The company owns the personal know-how and previous experiences of a highly qualified and motivated team.

With twelve years of experience and constant updating, the company has a proven design and construction capacity under the motto of “we give immediate healthcare space”.

This is evidenced by the orders by public and private entities, both Italian and foreign, such as the Italian Army, NATO, the Italian Navy, Libya, Saudi Arabia and various Italian and foreign hospitals and health facilities.

Emergency Solutions designs and builds fully equipped sanitary modules, which can be easily installed in a short time, to make up for emergency situations or planned unavailability of structures.

Our service gives immediate response to health needs in case of calamity and emergency, but also being able to provide, for example, operating theaters, clinics, intensive care units and more in case of temporary unavailability due to scheduled extraordinary maintenance of buildings.

We developed also a range of accessories to easy download from the truck the container without the use of the crane, elevating systems.

After the results obtained and the experience acquired, Emergency Solutions can therefore offer a tested, reliable and functional product within the field of medical facilities, which complies with current regulations and international standards.


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