Expo Italia Srl is an Italian company founded in 1985, specialized in clinical research, design, and production of medical devices.

Clinical research takes place in collaboration with some universities in Italy and abroad, where we also give lectures; among these, it is worth mentioning the collaboration with the Department of Neurosciences of the University of Verona, where we have a research project funded by the Italian Ministry of University and Research.

This has allowed the development of the Biodermogenesi® project, a device that delivers electromagnetic fields combined with vacuum; a non-invasive therapeutic method that has proven its effectiveness in skin regeneration. This technology is protected by international patents.

Biodermogenesi® can regenerate all types of stretch marks, regardless of their age, color, and size. Clinical studies demonstrate sulcus filling while biopsies and histochemical evaluations show the production of new type III collagen, elastic fibers, melanocytes, basal cells, and angiogenesis. When exposed to sunlight stretch marks tan the same way as the surrounding healthy skin.

The method is also extremely effective in treating scars of any cause and characteristic; clinical studies have shown normalization of hydration, pH, sebum, and elasticity of treated scars, whether they are the consequence of surgery, trauma, burns, or acid attack.

Studies have also shown particular effectiveness in face and neck rejuvenation.

Biodermogenesi® has proven to be effective on patients of any skin phototype, it is pleasant and relaxing and free of side effects and downtime.


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