Lombarda H S.r.l. was founded in 1989 as a trading company operating mainly in the healthcare and hospital sectors. Authorized for the wholesale marketing of medical equipment and drugs, it has been for over twenty years a point of reference for many hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, retirements homes and cooperatives buildings throughout the Italian territory.

During the past years the company has established important commercial relationships with qualified manufacturers in China, India and Malaysia becoming a direct importer of different own-brand products such as: syringes, gloves and infusion sets, urine bags, bibs, knobs, catheters, bandages, plasters and other widely used medical products. It has created its own line of beds, lifters, mattresses, antidecubitus devices and aids for the eldery. All of ths has allowed us to be a complete and competitive interlocutor, able to guarantee the customer continuity in both terms of quality and timeliness in deliveries with goods always available in stock.

In 1997 the company has started its own production plant for antiseptic/disinfectant products registered both as a Surgical Medical Device and as Medical Devices, especially focusing on sodium hypochlorite-based products, the only alternative in Europe to Angelini company (Amuchina).

Lombarda H boasts more than 60 registrations of disinfectant products, has a complete line of products that includes: products for intact skin, products for the environment and surfaces, products for the disinfection and sterilization of surgical instruments and medical devices.

In 2018 our company acquired the Amedics brand, a company specialized for over twenty years in R&D, disinfectants and antiseptics production, detergents and comestics for the Ho.Re.Ca, Beauty & Wellness, communities and specialized medical centers.

Lombarda H is located in the municipality of Albairate (Milan metropolitan area) and today it counted of 1200 square meters structure dedicated to the production area, 200 square meters dedicated to offices and 6000 square meters occupied by the warehouse and logistics. The company also has its own laboratory equipped with all the most innovative tools which allows to carry out all kind of analyzes on the production and to continue in the R&D of new products.

For the near future, the main goal of Lombarda H consistes in a continuous growth and being able to reach a position of primary importance in the disinfection, medical and industrial cleaning, paying particular attention not only to the public hospital sector but also to private healthcare.



Export Manager Elisabetta Ancarani


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