NGN conceives the Nutraceutical as an upgrade of a healthy food that combines high digestibility and hypoallergenicity with the healing properties of natural active ingredients, whose effectiveness is widely proven and recognised. The use of nutraceuticals is associated with the concept of initiative medicine, that aims at rebalancing and optimising the physiological functions of each individual and at ensuring health and well-being by minimising the risk of dysmetabolic diseases and using prevention as a tool to avoid or reduce their onset and development.
Our motto is ‘beyond diet, before drug’, or when diet is no longer an option and it isn’t the time for drug, yet.
The long-lasting study on food matrices, in search for active substances from which innovative nutraceuticals can be derived, has enabled us to improve people’s quality of life thanks to effective and safe products, capable of enhancing the wellbeing of the individual, while fully respecting the environment.

NGN nutraceuticals’s formulation is based on the selection of the best phytocomplexes with a special focus, if applicable, on the use of food matrices commonly classified as ‘food wastes’, i.e. food scraps, wherefrom substances and active ingredients featuring a biological activity can be extracted. Waste is, thus, turned into a valuable resource, capable of meeting the criteria of eco-sustainability and circular economy.

NGN proposes itself as an operational reality capable of using an innovative approach in the formulation of nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products for the ‘wellness’ and ‘beauty’ of people, having it the capability of developing in-house all stages of research and development starting from the isolation and characterisation of phytocomplexes, to in vitro and in vivo efficacy tests, to pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies, and ending with the registration, marketing and sale of each new product.

Our company’s strength is the proven efficacy of each product marketed, that is validated by clinical trials, carried out in close collaboration with the University of Naples ‘Federico II’, the University of Campania ‘Luigi Vanvitelli’, the University of Salerno, the University of Pisa, Chieti and Catanzaro ‘Magna Græcia’, with accredited National and International Research Institutes, as well as Consortia for the Protection. Among the core products of this NGN concept there are those aiming at enhancing the value of the Melannurca Campana IGP, the Limoncella Campana apple, the Aglianico grape pomace from the Taurasi district, and Chia seeds, wherefrom nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals have been formulated for the prevention or cure of various dysmetabolic stages.
Our nutraceuticals are available in pharmacies and parapharmacies throughout the country thanks to a sales network of major intermediate distributors.



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