In Officine Hellen we manufacture thermoplastic tubing and bags for medical devices and flexible pvc compound. Production is carried on in clean room ISO 8.


Established in 1954 and ISO 9001 certified since 2010, we have a consolidated experience in the manufacturing of thermoplastic polymers for medical application. We offer:

– the latest tubing and catheter developments, including co-extrusion, multi-layer, multi-lumen, twins-tubes, smooth bore spiral tubes for ventilation (NIV);

– electronic welded feeding bags in EVA and PVC, from ml. 250 up to ml. 3000

– PVC compound, every formulation and customized, even with high molecular weight components for extreme performance compound.


We work with twelve extrusion lines, controlled with laser gauges and set-up to reach extremely tight tolerances at high throughputs to deliver cost efficiencies, for a wide range of medical requirements including intravenous, infusion, dialysis, respiratory, feeding, and drainage applications. There are a wide variety of polymer options available for medical tubing production including hard and flexible vinyl compounds, thermoplastic elastomers, thermoplastic urethanes, polyolefins…

HF welded bags for enteral / parenteral use are manufactured by PVC or EVA tubular sheet with a large choice of models.


We manufacture onsite the flexible pvc compound with every kind of plasticizer (TOTM, DehT, Dinch, Adipate and, in a separate plant, also Dehp); formulation are custom fit, including radiopaque, UV resistant, VHMW for peristaltic pump, gamma ray sterilizable, and color-coded compounds, always complying the latest standards and certification requirements in this heavily regulated sector.
We also offer value added services as online printing and logo on tubes, burr-free drilling, shaping (for catheter or yankauer), retractable coil, injection moulding of special parts.


In our mechanical room we can quickly manufacture special tools in order to meet most of Custom needs.

We take care of small and big orders with the same duty, trying to satisfy the particular requirements of every Custom (tubes surface and clarity, packing, box weight and dimension).

Daniele Cavinato – CEO cavinato@officinehellen.it

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