San Luigi Gonzaga Pharmaceutical srls is an Italian company founded in 2022 but with experience in researches since 2012 focused on Medicinal Herbs.

We develop and market supplements with hyaluronic acid 200.000 Da as a base and with mother tinctures, fluid, glycolic and dry extracts from medicinal herbs to satisfy specific health and beauty’s needs.

Galenic and herbal tradition handed over for 130 years. Great grandfather Augusto Latini devoted himself to study Medicinal Herbs and their benefits. In his “Antico Laboratorio Officinale” (Ancient Officinal Laboratory) he used to prepare carefully customized solutions.

Today San Luigi Gonzaga Pharmaceutical srls with the HYALUWELL®   line continues in the footsteps left by the family.

Microbiological analysis carried out by UNICAM –  Università di Camerino attest the total safety of the product and its absorption by the lymphatic system of the Food Supplements line HYALUWELL®


The line HYALUWELL® as Hyaluwell Plus®, IaluLady®, HyaluWell Fast®, HyaluProst Fast®, is produced using a mix of natural Medical Herbs with pure and selected ingredients.

They do not contain parabens, gluten, lactose and their derivatives.

They are compatible for diabetics and celiacs; suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

The intuition to propose Hyaluwell® in the nebulized version favors a more rapid absorption at the sublingual level and avoid first-pass hepatic metabolization.


Our  Mission

Create officinal galenic compounds based on the world scientific studies

in Botanical taken from  PubMed.

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