TECNOLIFE has been active in the healthcare field since 2003.

Produces and sells items designed to meet professional needs of people who operate and work in the field of medical emergency.

In rescue operations, there is no space for mistakes; so the quality of tools and materials used is most of the time fundamental to save a life.

TECNOLIFE is constantly developing, not only to improve its technology and products, but also to better manage orders, distribution and the company’s service level. For this reason, we only cooperate with ISO UNI EN 9001 and UNI EN 46001 certified companies.

TECNOLIFE itself defines standards which products must respect, starting from the choice of materials, in order to guarantee chemical, mechanical and physical safety characteristics.

Furthermore, are carefully evaluated possible dangers, in order to provide users with any necessary warnings for a safe and satisfying usage.

Our services are products designed to ensure maximum efficiency in any possible situation.

Our customers know that in the face of any scenario or emergency, they will have at their disposal fully reliable tools.

Lately, a constant revenue growth, and an expanded sales network all around the nation with agents and resellers, brought TECNOLIFE to the best equipment, to provide its workers and customers optimal consulting after sales service.

In 2013 TECNOLIFE became a TUV certified company, reaching an important goal as a consequence of much dedication. After 10 years of hard work, with quality as our priority, this recognition pays off all the efforts in order to achieve it.



TECNOLIFE is a specialized company, that since 2003 manufactures backpacks, bags, trousse, holsters, injured transportation blankets, and accessories for healthcare workers and operators, like EMS, RED CROSS, FIER MAN and SPECIAL FORCES.

Production is completely Made in Italy, with the best materials and following the highest quality standards.

TECNOLIFE backpacks and bags, studied on field directly with rescue professionals, solve real needs in any moment.

TECNOLIFE production is totally performed in Italy by qualified producers directly followed by the company.

This allows you to customize any model with specific accessories on operator’s request.

TECNOLIFE backpacks, bags and accessories are your most loyal allies in any situation.

You can choose from many different, and constantly updated solutions; we are certain that they are not only an object like many, but instead the result of our commitment added to your user experience in the field.

Finally, if you also need a distinctive note for your kit,in addition to quality and efficiency, which are primary and essential aspects, TECNOLIFE is able to satisfy your needs.

We customize your backpack and your bag with inserts, logos, writings and drawings of your association.

If needed, TECNOLIFE gives you the opportunity to see and test the backpack or bag you requested before the actual purchase. An additional advantage, for those who do not want to choose a product relying exclusively on its picture!

Contact us to try our backpacks and bags!

TECNOLIFE guarantees a certified supply chain, from materials to manufacturing.


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