TERRA ITALICA combines craftsmanship and scientific knowledge to create handmade natural soaps. Born in Abruzzo, Italy, from the experience and love for nature of Lamberto and Marilena, two pensioners.

Our laboratory and our soaps are the results of our passion for excellence and the use of high-quality Italian raw materials.

The production process is completely natural and artisanal, with each soap having unique cosmetic characteristics. The fragrance is derived from natural essential oils that are carefully selected to complement the soap’s properties. We also use ecological packaging.

We employ the “hot dough” technique for soap making, which involves direct saponification of oils. This technique allows us to add oils and oil extracts with potent cosmetic properties after the cooking process, ensuring that they remain intact and active on the skin without being affected by the saponification process.

The unsaponified oils create a nourishing veil on the skin, helping to alleviate various skin imbalances. Our soaps are based on extra virgin olive oil, which is rich in polyphenols.

Our Face-Body Oils are gentle on the skin, easily absorbed, and made with pure lipoic oils and extracts that offer different benefits and alleviate various conditions.

Our vision is to promote the use of biodegradable natural soaps to protect the environment and conserve water, while also nourishing the skin’s microbiota. Our mission is to educate others through courses, seminars, and meetings, and by sharing the culture, history, and techniques of handmade soap preparation using natural raw materials, which are essential for maintaining a healthy skin microbial flora.

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